Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some things and some stuff

That's the best title I could come up with.....honest!
Here are some random things on my mind this Thursday.

-I am feeling so poor right now.  It's funny how sometimes you feel great and sorta rich and like you don't have to worry about money.....and then other times (like now) you feel poor and not so great and like all these things happen at once to take all your money.  This will pass but for now I am pinching my pennies.

-I have this crazy love for diet coke, but have been trying to drink less.  I have been doing a pretty good job and have myself down to one can a day on most days.  I would like to get it down to having it be more of a special treat and not an everyday thing but sometimes that is just so hard since it is just so yummy sometimes!  Ah, Diet Coke, I love you!  (Ok, love is a strong word.  How about like very much.)

-I am using this yummy lotion from Philosophy.  It is called Dreamy Tangerini.  It smells like an orange creamsicle.

-Trying to decide what insulin pump to get (as long as my insurance company lets me choose - I suppose I should call them before getting my heart set on one).  Add that to the to do list.

-Also trying to decide what to do with my son's bedroom.  Pretty sure I have said this before but am feeling like his room is so boring so I want to do something with it, but it's not really in the budget in the next month so I will just start getting ideas.  I like this stuff:

-I have about a million pictures that we've taken that I need to go through and edit and order prints from.  I haven't ordered pictures in ages and need to take some time to do this.

-I'm super excited to get my new phone and a cute 'skin' to put on it.  About one more month (September 1st is the date) and I will probably literally go on that day or within a day or two since I want a new phone so bad.  Here's the phone and a skin that I like:

-That's all I got.  At least tomorrow is Friday!  Can't wait for the weekend as usual!

Oh and yes, I realize the pictures aren't all the same size.  I am not smart enough to fix that.  Haha!

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  1. Seems my comment got lost as I was trying to post it... So here goes again

    I also love diet coke. Drinking one as I am typing this.

    I opted for the MInimed. Currently using the Veo (this is my second Minimed pump). I think the Veo is called Revel in the US.

    I have an HTC - the Desire. Not the latest one or anything, but I really enjoy it.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I live in South Africa.