Monday, July 25, 2011

Feeling good....most of the time

So, since I've started my new medicine, my blood sugar numbers have been awesome!  I have only had one or two bad readings since starting Symlin and overall, have been rocking my bg control!  I am so excited because it had been so hard to control my blood sugar numbers before and this new medicine makes it so much easier on me.  It almost feels effortless to keep my blood sugar in control now and that is the best feeling in the world and something I have never experienced before!

I also have noticed that when I take Symlin, I truly feel less hungry.  That is supposed to be one of the benefits of the medicine and I have been being very careful not to read into any symptom or feeling too much and have it not be real or be imagined.  But this really does work!  Now I get it all of a sudden. The light bulb went on.

I realize how thin people are thin (aside from simple self control and possibly genetics).  They actually feel somewhat full and don't keep eating after eating a normal sized meal or a healthy, smaller portion.  I had small serving of oatmeal and a cup of yogurt this morning for breakfast and actually felt full, and didn't even feel hungry at lunch time!  If I had eaten that exact amount before starting this medicine, I would have never felt full, would have wanted more food and would have felt hungry again by 11.  This is the strangest feeling to me.

Now I need to use this 'full' feeling to my advantage and make sure I always eat the healthy food first and then if I still have room, have a snack after a meal.  The good news is, I don't feel hungry after a meal so it feels like I can skip the dessert or snack and hopefully it will eventually help me lose weight!  That is one of the ultimate goals of this medicine.

My doctor didn't tell me I should lose weight, but I know better.  I think they know that should be a benefit of getting on and staying on this medicine.  I also have to make an effort, but for once I feel like I have my body working for me and not against me.  I know I can live a healthier life and a long life if I take care of myself and stick with it.  It is hard to think about the alternative.  I want to live a long time for my husband and son and the rest of my family.

I will say there are a few side effects of the medicine but none are major.  I have noticed a little bit of congestion and dizzy feeling since taking it and just since yesterday when I increased my dose, I have felt just a little bit of nausea.  Nothing major.  Just small things that are not worth giving up the medicine for.

Hoping this good feeling and great blood sugar control continues since I am loving it!


  1. Congratulations! I can't imagine living with diabetes, so it sounds like this is a huge life changer for you. Yeah you!

  2. Good for you, Sarah! I am glad the medicine is helping you and I know how you have struggled with bs levels and weight since being diagnosed.
    So happy it's working.


  3. Hi, new here... I also wanted to try symlin, but it is not available where I live. So I opted for metformin, and It has helped me a bit. Insulin pump was also a huge hel, and after three years I wouldn't go back or think of going back to MDIs.