Saturday, September 1, 2012


It is official - we are moving back to Nebraska!  I knew we were going to be moving at some point in the next few months, but since our house sold and I was offered a job yesterday, we are for sure heading back now in the next two to three weeks!  Todd doesn't have a job yet but has a few good prospects.  I am sure he will find a job soon.  We will very temporarily live with my parents and then move to an apartment for a short time until we find a house to buy. 

We are very excited as we didn't really ever want to move anyway.  We moved for Todd's job and it's been nearly two years since we moved.  We missed being by family and friends so much and just all things about Nebraska.  We wanted to move back and figured that would have a two to three year plan from this last summer but we found out that the real estate market was majorly on the rise here and decided to see if we could sell our house and if so, that would be a clue for us to move back sooner.

We listed out house for sale and before our house even showed online as being for sale, we had two showings. We had five showings within 4 days and within those four days we had two offers on our house, one for full asking price that we accepted.  We have made it through inspection and we have three weeks until we close. 

We will more than likely be out of the house about a week before closing so we can move all of our stuff back to Nebraska.  We will have to get a storage unit until we move into a house and coordinating that with moving into an apartment and getting the right stuff to the right place will be a challenge for sure.

We are excited and know the next few weeks will be stressful, but it will all be worth it in the end.  The things I am looking forward to the most are holidays and birthdays with the whole family.  It was s little depressing being alone the last two Christmas's.  No more!  We can't wait to be back!