Thursday, January 3, 2013

Has it been that long?

I haven't posted on my blog in just over 4 months!  Can it really be that long ago?  I guess that is what happens when you up and move from one state to another, go through three addresses and two brand new jobs and throw a 4 year old in the mix!  Whew!! The last few months have been crazy and we still aren't out of the madness just yet. We moved into our new house just under a month ago and it's still quite the mess!

I think I have a little bit of an excuse though because the last month was spent preparing for Christmas so not near as much attention was paid to cleaning and organizing our house as it should have been.

I can't believe we have been back in Nebraska (our home state) for 3 1/2 months already!  In some ways it doesn't feel that real or permanent yet, but I know in my heart that it is. 

And just for fun, here are two pictures of our new house. Doesn't look like too much, but we really like it, it is pretty big inside and we live in a nice neighborhood, not too far from where we lived before so we know and like this area of town.  We are so thrilled to be back after nearly two years away!