Monday, July 11, 2011

A fun weekend......

And I want it back!!!

I have a mega case of the Monday's today and nothing has brought me out of my funk so far.  I am tired and cranky and don't wanna work.

The good news is, I had a great weekend! 

My in-laws were here this weekend along with my two nephews.  We went to a fun restaurant on Friday night and to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs on Saturday.  Random side note - I saw this girl that I went to high school with and was on swim team with back in Nebraska - at Chik-Fil-A in Colorado Springs.  How weird is that?  I guess I knew she lived there, but it's not a tiny town and the chances of running into her were pretty small, but I did!

Anyway, the family left on Sunday morning and Todd and I decided to get out of the house again and we took Xander to Tiny Town - a little railroad play place for kids in Morrison (kinda in the foothills of the mountains).  I think Xander had a lot of fun and even went on a train ride!  When we were done, we decided to just start driving West on 285 and after a while, we realized that Breckenridge wasn't much further, so we went there!  It was beautiful minus some rain when we first got there.  The drive up there was breathtaking and there was still some snow on the high mountains in July!  So pretty!

Anyway, we got home late last night and even though I went to bed pretty early, I am still tired, hence the case of the Monday's.  At least Monday is only one day of the week and for me, it's already half over, so I will make it.

We are going to a Rockies game this Thursday night and my parents come next weekend so I am pretty happy with the activity level in our lives right now.  I hate sitting home every night and not doing anything.  I love to get out and experience things and it has been fun doing some of the stuff we've done recently.

Next major thing on the agenda for getting out of the house is heading to Estes Park and maybe Rocky Mountain National Park soon.  I think either this coming weekend or in three weeks we might go for a day trip.  The drive won't be too bad and it should be beautiful there as well!

C'mon Friday.  Where are you at??  :)

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