Sunday, April 3, 2011

Post by room - Living Room

I decided to do a series of posts by room in our house since we moved in just over a month ago.  I am going to add pictures of each room to show what we have done and talk about what we still need to do to the room. 

The first room is our living room!  This is probably the most fun room in the house for me because literally almost everything in this room is new.  We had to to buy the couch, love seat, area rug, coffee table, end tables, lamps and are still planning on buying pictures for the wall and possibly a small table/decorative shelf for the empty wall.  Oh, and curtains.

We aren't sure what to do with pictures yet.  We are looking around but I don't want to pick one out fast just to have the room complete and then not like it, so I would rather take a little more time and have the room unfinished for a little while.

In our old house, we also had a living room and family room but we never had either set up just how I would have liked and the living room was never very formal.  I am so excited about this room because it is so pretty and clean.  We will leave it as a more formal room that we don't use a lot so it stays nice.  We have our tv down in the family room so that is where we hang out most of the time plus Xander's toys are all down there too.

Here are the few pictures of it that I took:

(Notice the little boy in some of these).  :)

Sorry about the red rug over to the side.  We are trying to find a new entry rug to match.

Since the tables had no storage, I went and got baskets to put under the coffee table and end tables.

The only thing left is one other lamp, some wall art and curtains.  I am already surprised we have this much done with the living room.  I feel like we will have it completely done within a month or two.

I love this room and can't wait until it is completely done!  I've never had a room this pretty!

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  1. I love the sofa and loveseat. Well done - everything looks very put together.