Monday, April 18, 2011

Is it Monday again??

How is it that is always seems to be Monday?  Every week go faster than the last and every weekend goes EVEN faster!   Argh!  I need like a week or two vacation or something.  My life seems to be passing me by with no warning that it is going to be going faster and faster.

I love the weekend, but what working person doesn't?  I started thinking maybe I need to go back to school and become a teacher.  It's one of the only jobs I know of that you get the summer off and a few other extended vacations.  I would LOVE to have summers off, especially as my kid gets older and is in school and then has summers off also.  It may not be an ideal job, but man, 2 1/2 months off every year and you still get paid?  That would rock!

Anyway, I am trying to decide what to do this evening as my in-laws are coming on Wednesday night to visit for several days.  I don't know if I should shop tonight or clean or what.  We did a decent amount of cleaning this weekend so we are somewhat caught up but I would like to do a lot more tonight and tomorrow night.  We are going to have 14 people at our house on Sunday for Easter dinner so hopefully I can get the house in top shape by then!

I also did some baking yesterday!  I made banana bread and coconut cookies for the first time ever and they both turned out really good.  I also made some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and they are yummy too!  I like to bake but I just don't take the time all that often to do it.  Plus, I don't need a ton of cookies and other stuff sitting around the house for me to eat!

Anyway, at least this is a short week for me.  I have a half day Wednesday and am going to a Colorado Rockies game that day with work people - paid for by work!  Yay!  Then I am off Friday as well, though I might switch it to Thursday, I am not sure.  Anyway, hopefully it is a good week!


  1. Yeah for short weeks! We here in Canada get Friday off for "Good Friday" and I love it! Certainly sounds like you have a busy week ahead.

  2. Happy to have a short week here too!! Monday was a bear dealing with middle schoolers all day, but the rest of the week should be least I'm hoping so. We have early dismissal on Thurs and then off on Friday AND Monday. Time off is a perk of working in a school, but when the pay is SO BAD that one (me) might have to work a summer temp job, well, defeats the whole purpose I suppose.