Friday, April 15, 2011

It's FRIDAY!!!!

I'm so excited!  I love the weekends now more than ever since things here in Denver are a little different than they were back home. 

My commute is over an hour each way now, so I look forward to the weekend so I don't have to spend so much time on the train or in the car, but mostly because I can sleep in and spend a lot more time with my son.

Sleeping in on weekends is the best and I don't have to wake my kiddo up either.  He can sleep in as late as he wants without us having to wake him up to take him to daycare.

Also, this weekend I am going to a baby shower for my cousin.  I haven't seen my cousins or my Aunt a lot recently but it's been years since I last saw my two cousins and I am excited to see them!

I always wake up on Friday with a little more spring in my step, even if I am exhausted from the week because my brain knows it is the last day before the weekend!

Yay for weekends!  Now if only they would last a lot longer.

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