Saturday, March 12, 2011

A very productive day!

I am so excited that it is only 1 pm on Saturday afternoon and the hubs and I have already gotten so much done!  Todd rented a rug doctor and has done almost our whole house's carpet as well as the couch and love seat.  We also partially cleaned out our bathroom and are going to finish it up today.  I have worked on the office a ton and gotten rid of about 6 boxes.  I still need to organize a lot of stuff but already feel accomplished!

We still have so much of the day left and that rocks!  I am going to get our bedroom done and cleaned out once and for all today so there are no more piles on the floor!  Also, my sons room in completely organized so that is a good feeling.  I still need to work on moving more stuff to the basement to get it out of the way but it is amazing how much you get done when you start working first thing in the morning.  Maybe it was that McDonald's iced coffee that helped??!!  Yummy!

Anyway, later we are headed back to the furniture store to pick out an area rug, end tables and a coffee table to finish up the living room and we may pick out a lamp or two also.  I need to go to Lowe's or Home Depot too and get some hooks for my closet.  I figured out I can easily hang all of my scarves in the back of the closet on the wall as it is just wasted space back there.  We also need to get a little cabinet for the extra bathroom on the main level as well as for our bathroom.

I am feeling so good!  We moved into our house almost a whole month ago and still aren't settled but are doing small projects here and there that have taken up a lot of our time.  I think if we get the house to about 95% this weekend I will feel great!

We are having two sets of guests in the next month so I am more motivated to get stuff done.  Todd's parents are coming and so is Todd's friend Gary.  We need to make sure to have everything nice and ready to go by then.  We still need to do some more actual cleaning too, not just organizing.  It's not super dirty in here but I wouldn't mind having it even cleaner. 

Also, I really, really want a new dishwasher!  Our handle on ours is basically worthless right now and it doesn't clean worth a darn either plus part of the plastic racks are rusted.  I think we are going to look around for one when we are out today. 

Overall though, we are happy with the progress we have made.  Can't wait to see what the house will look like tomorrow night when we have worked another full day on it.  It may just end up looking how I hoped it would.  Wouldn't that be nice?

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