Monday, March 21, 2011

30 day challenge

I know, these type of things are usually boring to read about, but this is for myself and my family, no one else. 

My 30 day challenge is this - no buying any clothes or shoes or accessories for me or my kiddo.  We need NOTHING!  I sometimes forget that we live in this country that is so blessed and we have way more than we will ever need when it comes to clothes and shoes and such.  We are rich compared to the rest of the world and I am a serial shopper.  It's not that I spend a fortune on stuff - I don't.  I am a bargain shopper through and through.  I hate spending more than about $10 on shirts/sweaters and also any more than that on shoes for me.  For my kid, I hate to spend more than about $6 on tops and $8 on pants/shorts.  Shoes for kids seem to be harder to find deep discounts for so if I can find shoes for him under $15 that are the color and size I need, I consider that reasonable.

Anyway, we both have an abundance of clothes and other 'stuff'.  I always give in to a bargain and have an overflowing closet because of it (and so does Xander).  Again, I don't need anything! We are blessed beyond measure!

I am hoping this will help teach me a lesson in contentment.  I have more than enough and need to be happy with what I have.

I will still buy food and any household items needed (dish soap, trash bags, etc.) and a few things that we need for our house in general since we just moved in, but I won't buy extra stuff that is not on a previous list just because it was a good deal.  Also, I cannot speak for my husband.  I will try to get him on the bandwagon but I cannot guarantee he won't buy anything and he buys far less than me anyway so I can't say he is the worst offender in our house!  :)

I think this will also help me practice the 'think about it' principle.  They always say that any time you want to buy something, you should wait and think about it for a week or more to make sure you still want it as bad as you thought you did and also to research the best price.  I bet if I think I have to have a sweater or some shoes or anything else and leave it in the store to think about, I won't end up wanting it so bad after all. 

My personal challenge starts today and I'm sure it will be hard since all the cute new spring clothes are coming out for me and for the kiddo. 

If there is something I am dying to have, maybe I will post it on here to get it out of my head and then see how it goes.  Wish me luck!

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  1. We started the same thing just after Christmas and have been doing well since then. Not only have we cut down on the stuff we have, but our bank account has grown too. Win Win... Good luck!