Saturday, March 5, 2011

I've Lost It!!!!

I can't believe I lost my last blogger account!

I had a blog already - you can check it out here-

I know that my password was correct and also my security question, but the stupid system says that it is wrong and that they can't identify me and since it is a free service, there is no way you can get help from Google or anyone that works for them.  I have tried filling out the form to get access back several times but it keeps saying they can't identify me.  I almost wonder if someone hacked my account, but nothing else weird has shown up in that regards.

So frustrating.

Anyway, I went ahead and chose a new title for my blog since my last one is still taken.  :(  I wonder if it will sit out there forever or if they shut it down after a while.

It will take a while to get my new blog to where I want it to be as far as pictures and links and other stuff.

I chose this new name, not because we travel or move around a lot, but because that is my mind constantly.  It is all over the map.  I jump from one thing to another, from one thought or idea to another, all without hesitation.  I am a random person by nature and I just can't apologize for it!

I have so many things I could write about.

I look at losing my last blog as a chance to start fresh.  I am going to cover a variety of topics that interest or affect me instead of just general info about me (which I am sure is somewhat boring).

Here are things I want to talk about:

-Parenting and all the fun that comes with it!

-My diabetes - not just about it in general (cause that's just boring) but how I want to work to be healthier.

-My weight.  Always a struggle and if I am accountable and write things down, maybe I can stick with doing something about it.

-My family life.  The dynamic with all three of us and including our extended family.

-Scrapbooking and/or crafts.  I haven't worked on this in months and want to get back to it.
-Work life - while keeping it vague as to not get in trouble!  :)

-Money.  Goals, accomplishments in paying certain things off.  We are ok with money but need to be better.

-Random thoughts in my head (which is what this blog is all about anyway).

-Love and my relationship with my husband.

-Pictures.  I have gotten really bad about taking them and am going to start again soon.  I like to tell a story with them and I need to take more artistic pictures besides just the usual family ones.

-Product reviews.  I am a dork but I love to mention stuff that I love or even sometimes that I hate.

-Anything else I choose to write about.  Hey, it is my blog right?  I will write about whatever, whenever cause that's the way I roll (or something).

Ta ta for now!

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