Monday, June 20, 2011

Feeling down....

I have been feeling not myself for the last week for more than one reason.

First of all, I have had a nasty stomach bug for the last several days.  I was throwing up last Monday night but haven't since then luckily.  However, I have felt pretty crappy off an on since then and haven't eaten a full meal since then (good for my waistline).  I tried to eat a regular meal last night for the first time since Monday and sure enough, I felt extremely ill.  I didn't get sick but was so close and learned my lesson that I'm not ready for full meals yet.  It may be a few days yet the way I am going.

Also, it feels like the last few months have overall gone really well and that money has been no issue and other things seem to be smooth as well.  I'm not sure why but it feels like it is changing for the worse now.

The air conditioner in my car (a 2006 - not even that old) stopped working last week.  Todd was able to fix it however and it appears to just have been out of coolant.  No biggie, about $30. Just glad it wasn't worse and that Todd did it himself to save money.

The brakes in my car also appear to be on their last leg.  Or at least the brake pads.  They are squealing like a pig right now and have been for a little while so I better get them changed before I do permanent damage to them.

Since I have felt sick, I have had no energy and no motivation so my house is a mess and I feel like I will never get on top of it.

I have had more than one late payment on utility bills recently (nothing bad like a credit card).  It's not that I can't pay them or don't want to but seriously, I forget.  And more than one of the bills I set up on auto pay and it didn't freaking pay the bill this month.  How is that my fault?  Anyway, it's been frustrating because all the bills are different than back home and fall at different times so I've had trouble getting into a routine where I remember to pay them.  Frustrating.

I'm no where near where I wanted to be as far as weight loss for the summer right now.  I wanted to lose at least a few pounds by now and I am big as ever.  Also, I have gotten no time in the sun so I am still pasty white which doesn't help my cause.

Bleh.  I am ready to start feeling better and like myself again and when that happens, it's on to a new me.  Funny how when you feel like you finally have motivation to start working out, that is when you get sick.  That's life I guess.

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