Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts

- I don't do random Tuesday thoughts very often but actually got my post on the right day this time!

- I posted before that my boss quit a few weeks ago and life has been crazy ever since then.  I work in a three person department and we are losing one temporarily so there will be a lot of extra work in the next few months.  I have been working extra hours and taking work home with me almost everyday and I don't see that changing anytime soon.  I am excited for the potential promotion that may come from this but also nervous about the major responsibility that comes with it also.

- We went to Ikea last night and I found the cutest bunk bed that I want to buy for my son!  It is kind of expensive but it's super cute and I would love to get it for him.  He is 33 months and at this point is still in his crib!  The reason we haven't converted his crib to a bed is because he doesn't try to climb out of his crib yet and we know if we switch him to a bed before it's necessary, we will have mega bedtime struggles with getting him to stay in bed.  I know we will still have those issues once we do switch him over but we are delaying that fight as long as we can.

- On the subject of my son, he is absolutely obsessed with trains these days!  Thomas in particular but he likes almost any train.  We bought him an inexpensive train and track set from Ikea last night.  That was his first train set as he has some small trains, but no tracks or any other pieces.  For his birthday/Christmas, we are going to get him some more train stuff since he will be 3 and I know he would love to have more.  I am going to try to get him some cool stuff without spending a fortune.  We will see how that goes.

- I always have good intentions of wanting to work out, eat super well and be healthier, but now that I have been so busy, it has been even harder than before.  I want to work out so bad but feel like I literally have three hours or less a day in free time.  I get up way earlier that before right now so there is no way I will do a workout in the morning.  Most days I am not getting home before 6 and because I have been getting up so early, I am trying to go to bed by 9 or a little after most nights.  That leaves three hours or less to have dinner, do any chores around the house that are needed, give my son a bath, get him dinner, get him ready for bed and spend time with him reading or playing.  Oh and not to mention getting any work done that I bring home.  I am really not trying to make excuses at this point but they are basically built in right now. 

- I don't like to think too much about the money part of a promotion or a job because I don't want to get my sights fixed on it too much in case it doesn't work out.  But if I stop and think about this promotion that I am going for and the raise that would come along with it, I can't help but think about it and how it would affect my family.   A raise is always nice and in some ways, I already have plans for things we need to/want to do with extra money.  Again, trying not to get ahead of myself but it's hard to not think about it even a little bit.

- Pictures!  I can't even tell you how many thousands of pictures we have on our computer that I have never ordered.  I literally haven't printed one picture from probably the last year or more.  I always make excuses and never seem to find the time, but memories are important to me and I want to get some albums together soon if it kills me!  The problem is, I have some vacation time I can use up, but we are going to use some of those days for a trip back to Nebraska this fall so I won't be at home where I could do anything with pictures if I wanted.  The other days I have I want to save for the holidays to spend time with my son and do Christmas shopping, baking and other fun holiday things.  No time for pictures once again.  I guess I need to make it a priority on weekends to get it done.

- My diabetes management has been going much better now that it was a few months ago.  I am being a lot more careful about my medicine and testing my blood sugar and am excited to see how my next doctor's appointment goes.  I also am excited to get an insulin pump soon, but it will have to wait a little longer right now.

- Hoping this week goes well and I don't stress too much or get sick.  I was sure I was getting sick last week due to the stress I am under at work but so far so good.  I am excited for Labor day as it will be my first day off in a while and I will really need it by then with the way things have been going.

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