Sunday, August 7, 2011

A new week is coming

Since it is Sunday night (about my least favorite time of week other than Monday morning) I thought I would just mention that this week I am going to try to look at the new week different than in weeks past.

New chances, new opportunities, a clean slate.  All that happy stuff.  I am not sure how much I believe it, but I want to feel it and to be able to have a positive attitude.  I hate Monday's and I live for the weekend, where my time is my own.

I want this week to be the start of some changes.  I want every week, even every day to be the start of some changes, but this week I have actually thought ahead.

I am going to get many things on my to do list done.  I am going to work out a few days this week.  I am going to plan some of my meals in advance so I save money, eat better and can better manager my blood sugar better.

I've already done more on this Sunday than I do on most Sunday's so I already feel accomplished for the week and it hasn't even started.  I am also about to go down to my basement and work out and that is also a good start to my week.

I can do better.  I can get things done that I want to get done.  I can be healthier and lose weight.  And I'm going to. 

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