Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bad things come in........fives????

Well to say we are having a streak of bad luck/stressful events is an understatement.  I won't complain and say how terrible my life is but we are just trying to deal with each of them the best we can and it is causing a lot of stress in our lives right now.

1. Call from our bank this morning saying that our debit/credit card number was stolen and someone tried to spend over $1000 in tickets (not even sure what kind - concert? sport?  your guess is as good as mine).  Luckily they declined it but we have to cancel our card and have a new one sent.  SOOOOO thankful no money is missing from our account.  We are not rich and that would hurt us big time.

2. We got a random bill in the mail saying we owe over $1000 on our old house from our recent relocation to Denver even though two different people verified that we paid the correct amount to close on our last house.  I don't believe we owe this and will have to fight it and that stresses me out.

3. Our daycare provider was sick yesterday so I had to take an unexpected PTO day since Todd couldn't miss work.  It sucks because I like to save my days for when I actually want to take them, not when I am forced to.

4. Related to the last one, Todd has a corporate visit today that he has felt sick about since late last week.  He was so nervous about it as he didn't know what to expect because this is his first one since moving here.  Hopefully by the end of the day, he will feel like a new person.

5. I got some bad news from a family member that I won't go into.  It's just sad and made me sad and has made me think about my life and how I need to appreciate things more. 

Anyway, I know just because a few bad things have happened that life is not terrible overall.  One other side note is my commute to my job is killing me.  I feel like I am exhausted everyday and I literally feel more tired today than I did last week and more tired last week than I did the week before.  I feel like it is sucking the life out of me and I feel like I might need to do something about it soon but I'm just not sure what yet.  That's all.  Hope everyone else has a good day!


  1. Sorry about all the bad/frustrating news...as for childcare, I assume you are using a private caregiver then? I guess that's the upside to using a daycare center...more kids there but they are never closed. Pros/Cons to everything I guess.

    I thought you took the train to work everyday...I would think that would be a fairly calm commute...what's awful about it? Curious.

    Hope things start to look up for you soon!

  2. Thanks for the kind words Krystyn! The only thing so bad about my commute is that it is over an hour each way. You are correct that once I am on the train, it is low stress, although you do get those people who sit next to you that hog the seat, have their music way too loud or smell funny. Haha. But the amount of time is just killing me. Nearly 2 1/2 hours a day just to get to and from work. I drive to the train station which is 20-25 minutes, then wait for the train, get on, get off downtown and take a shuttle up to my building. I drive downtown about 1-2 times a month because it actually saves time but then driving is stressful cause there are idiots all over the road and I have to pay for parking.

    We used a daycare center back in Nebraska and we loved and it and you are right, they don't close. The only reason we didn't go with a center here is because there wasn't one close to where we live or drive and also because this lady is quite a bit cheaper and still state certified and she is so so so nice! We love her and can't imagine switching now.
    Hope you have a good day! :)