Monday, May 23, 2011

More water please!

I have failed miserably the last week to 'go on a diet' or whatever it is I need to do.

It is so hard for me and as I said before, I need to exercise more than diet for me to be successful at losing weight.  Anyway, I think I am going to start with some small goals and try to make them habits.

Here are the small changes I want to make that I hope will add up to big ones.

1. Drink more water, less coffee and less diet coke.  I know some coffee isn't bad, but it also isn't great, especially when you add creamer to it which is not calorie free.  Also, diet coke has no calories and I love the taste, but I realized most of the time that I crave diet coke, I am thirsty so I should just drink water instead.  I don't think it is bad to have one every once in a while or even one a day, but my 3-4 a day is bad for me and is getting expensive!  I need to just get more crystal light if I want to drink water but think the taste of water is boring.

2. Make sure I am counting my fruits and vegetables and getting 5 different kinds every day - 3 vegetables and at least 2 fruits.  This isn't that hard for me as I do love fruits and vegetables, I just like other junk too!

3. Eat only whole grains, or at least things with the first ingredient being 'wheat flour' or 'whole wheat flour'.  I know that white bread is bad for me and I am pretty good about this anyway.  I don't buy white bread or regular bagels or stuff like that most of the time anyway.

4. Stop eating so much candy.  This is really hard as I love sweets and candy is usually really easy to snack on.  Being diabetic, this is one of the worst things I can eat, but I do it anyway.  I need to make candy a super special treat that I only have once in a long while.

5. Start using 2% milk instead of skim.  Crazy, right?  There are a lot of studies that suggest if you drink 2% or whole milk you may actually lose weight because the fat helps you feel fuller longer and also, the way they process skim milk isn't the healthiest (like using some chemicals and other processes that aren't good).

6. Eat smaller breakfasts.  I don't know why, but unlike most people, I usually wake up starving and I eat and eat and eat in the morning.  Then I still think I should eat a normal lunch and dinner and still have snacks even though I have probably had enough calories at breakfast to cover lunch and a snack too.  Awful!

Those are a start.  I think if I choose to make some small changes, pairing it with exercise will help me finally start losing weight again.  I can think of a million excuses not to exercise, but one that is a real complaint is our basement is a mess from when we moved in so we need to get it organized so I can start doing my workouts down there.

That's all.  We'll see how it goes!

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  1. I don't have a problem drinking the water - I drink a ton of it a day and always have. My problem is the fruits and veggies. I find I'm always hungry no matter how much fruits and veggies I eat. My basement is a mess too and that is the main reason I haven't been exercising there either - it just stresses me out to go down there. Anyhow...good luck. I literally with you all the way-feeling your pain.