Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday randoms

- Glad it is Friday as I am every Friday!  I love the weekend and this weekend will be no exception!

- Just thinking back to my ER visit last fall and the subsequent hospital bill and how thankful I am that I only ended up paying a few hundred dollars out of pocket when I could have paid a few thousand since the bill was $12,000+!!!  I am so, so grateful that insurance covered most of it!

- I am going tonight to Walmart to pick up the sand and water table I ordered for X.  I am so excited and it's not even for me - haha!  I think we will just start with water in the table to get him used to it.  It should be warm this weekend so it will be fun for him to splash around with the water since he loves to splash in the bathtub.  Also, it has an umbrella to keep the sun off of him so he doesn't get burnt!

- I need to work on our office desperately this weekend.  It is trashed and I still haven't put anything away in a permanent place from when we first moved in.  I need to sort receipts and documents and just all of the junk we have.  My parents are visiting next weekend so I want to get the house in better shape for them.

- Need to paint my toenails bad.  It's been getting warmer out and I have been wearing flip flops without my toes painted - yikes!

- I am pretty sure I am going to go to an allergy specialist soon.  My allergies have been awful since I moved here.  I swear I am more tired all of the time too and I wonder if that is partly to blame.

- That's about all I got.  2 1/2 more hours and then I'm free!

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