Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Randoms

I have some ridiculously random things going on in my head this morning, so I will get them all out.

- It is noon already.  Where did the morning go and why haven't I gotten anything done yet?

- Feeling a little poor recently, so it's a good thing I just got that promotion at work - the extra money will make a huge difference in our finances.  Without giving it all away, let's just say it was something like a 40% raise.  Granted, it is a lot more responsibility, but most of it is stuff I was doing already so I am ok with that.

- I ordered the iPhone 4s yesterday!!!  I am so excited since I've never had an iPhone and we were able to stay with Sprint for me to get one.  Our coverage with them is decent and the data plan price is unbeatable by far by any other carrier.  We get a bargain on our plan in my opinion.

- I'm excited to watch my football team play tonight, but hoping they don't lose.  I think they will win but not sure how the game will turn out.  Go Huskers!

- Our house says it is 61 degrees in here and I love it!  It is super cold outside and we had our first official snow of the season this morning!  It only snowed for a few minutes, but it reminded me that my favorite time of year is just around the bend - Christmas!!!  I am such a sucker for Christmas and I love cold/cooler weather.

- On the same note as above, I am so excited for Christmas this year because I think it will be the first year that Xander really gets what is going on, plus, I have been buying him Thomas the Train take and play sets here and there as I find them on great sales are we are going to do something I've always thought would be so fun.  We are going to set up all of his train stuff by the Christmas tree on Christmas morning so when Xander wakes up, he will see it when he comes downstairs.  So excited for this!!!!!!!

- Though I got my promotion at work this week, we are still short a person in our department so we are swamped.  To say I have been working a lot is a gross understatement.  Speaking of, I will be doing a ton of stuff from home this weekend.  I don't mind too much, but am ready to have my weekends back to myself!

- Thinking about the holidays coming up, I'm trying to figure out a good way to budget and am starting to think of gift ideas.  I have several things for Xander as I already said, but am trying to think of ideas for others and also a list for myself (as family members always ask).  I can't believe it's a little over 2 months until Christmas!  The last 4 months of my life have gone so fast.

- Todd and I continue to have the conversation about whether or not we see ourselves having more kids.  Right now we are just very content with things as they are.  We keep saying we have a while to decide, which we do.

- I joined Pinterest, did a bunch of stuff on there and then have dropped off.  I love the idea but wish I had more time for fun stuff like this.  I will get back on there again soon and do more boards I am sure, but am prioritizing right now and that's not high on the list.  Super fun though!

- My husband brought me home a full size sample of an Escada fragrance that is not even out yet the other night.  That is one huge perk about his job that I love.  They have Sephora inside his store and everytime the Sephora rep comes, he gets samples (usually full size - so awesome) that he gets to bring home to me.  If you were to look at all of my makeup, you would either think I am rich or that I spend way too much on makeup because I have received some awesome stuff for free.  What a fun perk!

- I'm not sure why, but I am already in a mood to paint some rooms in my house.  Literally ever square inch of our walls is the same color.  I wonder when the previous owners were selling the house if they thought it would just be easier to paint the house one color.  I find it a little boring even though it is a pleasant light tan color.  I need some changes! 

- Heading back home next weekend to see some family and see my newest nephew, Judah!  Very excited.  Then, two weeks after that, my in laws are coming to visit.  We are going to go to Ikea, go to the mountains, see the Broncos play the Lions here in Denver (my first pro game!) and then they will stay through Halloween to see Xander dressed up and help us out with him.  Speaking of, we still need to get him a costume!

- I have been really into reading again and I am loving it.  We have a library membership and have already borrowed a few books.  Did I mention where we lived before that we didn't have free access to a library?  Made me so mad, but now we can go to one for free and I love it!

- That's all I got.  Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. That's a whole lot of random! LOL - I think the same way you do...random. But it helps to get things out of your mind.