Friday, October 21, 2011

It's what day again???

Barely hanging on.


Behind on everything.

The above words are all I can say about life right now.  But it will get better and soon!  It has been hard though and I am so tired.  I haven't been this tired since the first trimester of my pregnancy!

Anyway, I got the promotion I was working so hard for and now we just have to hire someone to fill my spot.  Once that happens, things WILL get better!

For now, I am just getting by.  Just enough sleep, just enough to eat, just enough cleaning done so mold isn't growing in our house (haha), just enough work each day to keep everyone from yelling at me (even after working for 10-11 hours most days).

I'm here, I am surviving and doing pretty well, but I look forward to when things slow down a bit so I can breathe again and actually do some things I want to do, not just stuff I have to do!

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